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A successful measurement comes alongside a successful calibration.

Measuring tools are used more and more every day for different purposes. From gauges, meters, sensors, and so much more. These measurements are used throughout the industry to provide accurate readings of standardized units of measurements. Because there is always a risk of a measuring error, calibration has been introduced as a way to reassure that your measurements are accurate and consistent.

Measuring tools that do not receive appropriate calibration intervals may be out of tolerance causing misrepresentation and readings of measurements.

What makes Flan-Co Gage the best option when looking for calibration and repair services is that we have sourced a variety of labs that can calibrate any gage you might have.

See our ISO Certifications below.


The Importance Of Calibration

Many people don’t fully understand the importance of a calibration service. Calibration is vital for accurate readings and measurements. Due to the tight tolerances of today parts even the slightest deviations can have a few large negative impacts on the parts you make.

There are many industries that highly depend on calibration including automotive, electronics, aeronautics, aerospace, meteorology, manufacturing, construction, medical, and more. The truth is that without calibration all of these industries have a higher risk of failing their own tasks and responsibilities.

A big disadvantage of lacking calibration is that it doesn’t matter whether the industry, measuring tool, or job function, will not be functioning at their highest potential, which can negatively affect the entire business. Measuring tools often measure in a variety of ways such as quantifying time, distance, sound, light, temperature, pressure, and many more.

We invite you to find out why that once a customer uses Flan-Co
Gage we become their Go-To guy!!

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